Multipath or Recolor

Recolor your product photo. Turn one shot into infinite images by recoloring in post-production. It’s the ultimate in consistency and accuracy.

Now changing the color of each and every part of your photograph becomes very easy by performing multiple filling. Even an opacity change of various forms and adding color filters and effects etc. for manipulating your photograph can be done in very short time with our expert service.

Enhance your image by changing the look of the image in terms of color level, multiple filings, opacity change, of individual components of an image with this excellent service. No image component adjustment becomes a very easy task to give a fresh new look with multiple Clipping Path option.

What we do is create a number of layers in Photoshop. If you have product image or GIF & Flash composite animation image or images for fashion catalogue or product photographs for e-commerce websites or materials/images of fashion design, enhance them with this service of Photopixc Studio at a very affordable price at a very less turnaround time but it always depends on the complexity and variability of the image.

The cost of color path service varies with the complexity and work volume per image. But we ensure no hidden costs.

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