mirror effect

Mirror Effect or Reflection are created by simulating an object on a mirrored surface. If there are reflections in the original photo (due to use of a mirrored surface) these can also be retained.

Photopixc Studio are proud to work with some of the world’s leading publishers, offering a range of clipping path services that transform images from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As a highly respected offshore graphic studio, one of the services for which we are prized is our ability with mirror effects and reflection shadows. Our skilled operatives use this technique to create beautifully rendered product images: transforming them from flat and dull pictures lacking depth, to the type of crisp and professional images seen in a quality glossy magazine.

Adding a reflection shadow or mirror effect creates the illusion that the product featured in your image is not simply a disembodied picture, but has a depth and solidity which comes from its relationship to another surface. Photopixc Studio are skilled at creating the most appropriate reflection of the product pictured in your image – using only the best hand selected Photoshop retouching tools to create a finished product that you can be proud of. Whether you want us to improve a shadow that has already been captured, or add a new one to suit the context in which it is used, we can help.

Even the most perfectly staged images might not be suitable when the context in which they are used changes. Too much reflection, even if it’s natural, can make an image look cheap and gaudy. Understatement is the best way to proceed when it comes to high-quality publications and our operatives know exactly how to achieve that look.

They work closely with our clients to understand how an image is being used and the exact requirements for the finished article. Even if a product is captured without a reflection, we can create an elegant and natural looking mirror effect or reflection shadow which will help showcase your products in the best way possible. Indeed, finishing touches like this make all the difference between a professional image and one that has simply been captured and pasted into a layout.

Our skilled operatives have years of experience with this specialised service and because Photopixc Studio is an offshore graphic studio, we can provide this at a fraction of the cost available in Europe or America.

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