Image Editing

Upload photos, add editing instructions, and download processed images within 24 hours.

High Volume Image Editing

We specialise in high volume image editing. Within budget, on time and in accordance with your high quality standards.

Complex Image Editing

Complex image editing.
Combining different techniques to achieve stunning results


Our main focus is to provide you with the professional product listing. We achieve this by cropping, removing image background, editing margins, aligning, compressing and much more.


We believe that time is money. Our turnaround time is 24 hours. You can have your images online fast and this helps meet your needs and stay ahead of the competition.


With just a few clicks, you can customize to suit your requirements. Again, with the presence of eCommerce friendly tools, management becomes easy.

Image Editing Made Easy

Editing photos can be a tricky job. However, at Photopix studio, we have experienced designers who edit your images like a pro. In a period of 24 hours, you can get your images perfectly edited to suit your needs. We use Amazon templates and any other online business to optimize the images based on the recommendations of Amazon.

Background Removal /

Image Clipping

Remove the background image from photos with our clipping path services.

Hair Masking /

Channel Masking

When clipping path does not suffice to attain accurate details of complicated areas like hair, image masking service arises as the ideal method.

Colour Corrections /


Our photo retouching service includes colour corrections and recolouring.

Cropping /

Positioning / Resizing

We make photograph resizing quick and easy for our customers

Invisible mannequin/

Neck fix

Our image editing service extends to more industry-specific requirements.

image editing | photopixc studio

Multiple Clipping Paths /


Our image editing service extends to more industry-specific requirements.

Removing creases

Address those minor imperfections to ensure seamless results in every photo.


Achieve the perfect shape by airbrushing images with our help

Removal / addition of

shadows and reflections

to images

Enhance your photos with powerful effects, through image retouching

Object / Model retouching

Our photo retouching services can transform your images in hours

Drop Shadow

Bring life to your images with the addition of a drop shadow.



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