Our Color Correction Services give a stunning look of your images. Adjust your images for the best color, exposure, vibrance and clarity.

We correct colour values and any colour dispositions. These can be white, grey or black values, but also incorrect distribution of R, G, and B. Photos with a flare can be neutralised with Curves and Levels. We mainly do colour corrections and manipulation for the Food industry.

Color correction of your images ensures that they are light balanced and adjusted to the correct tonal range. Adjustments include exposure,

color temperature and tint, highlight and shadow compensation, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, and clarity.

Color Correction is the soul of photo editing. A warm, well adjusted color palette lends a sense of life and lets your image breathe, while a cold or unbalanced set of colors can leave your image lifeless and dull without you knowing why. Photopixc Studio is here to help. We promise to give each and every one of your photo editing projects the individual attention it deserves. We can ensure your images find their own space professionally and artistically and correct any errors in your color balance, levels and exposure.

The turnaround time for completing each image usually depends on the complexity and variability of your image. But our image Color Correction service effectively changes the color of the item in a photograph and give multiple filling to give a brand new look to your image.

Fast Turnarounds. Free Revisions.

See some before and after samples below.

Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services

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